Decrypting the “employee experience” and supporting action with analysis

Social barometers have become an essential tool for gaining feedback on the experience of the salaried worker.

However, creating a tool is not enough to drive team commitment and support corporate strategy: the interpretation of the results and their translation into action plans with tangible effects are what makes a social barometer truly effective.

WillBe Group has developed an approach to maximize the success factors of social barometers at each stage of their implementation, including:

  • Writing tailor-made questions that take into account the managerial and cultural specificities of the company when the tool is created;
  • Analyzing the results in terms of company strategy, “human reality” and existing HR data, during the data processing stage;
  • Supporting the key players in the construction of pragmatic action plans limiting the risks of “wishful thinking” when the results are shared.

Contexts of intervention

  • Social climate surveys Barometer of managerial commitment
  • Measure of mobilization by client strategy
  • Cross analysis of the satisfaction declared by employees (via a questionnaire) and social data (quantitative data extracted from the social report)

What sets us apart

  • An adaptation of our barometers to the reality and diversity of each of our clients
  • A solid experience in supporting Executive Committees, HR teams and managers in the transition from analysis to action
  • Our proven innovative interpretation grids that make it possible to decipher all human dynamics in the company from complementary angles: individual motivation, professional identities and business cultures, managerial styles …
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