Aligning operational performance with company strategy

Whether it is to reorganize an entity, deploy a new risk management system or mobilize employees to improve their performance … more and more companies need to pilot their critical processes.


WillBe Group, a leading French player in the transformation of organizations by processes, proposes an approach that optimizes the return on investment, by dealing with the strategic concerns of the General Management, the capitalization and the unification of all past and present initiatives in process management, the development of a global implementation road map with stakeholders and the sharing of tools and devices.


The missions we have been carrying out for almost 20 years have enabled our teams to test some “false good ideas” and to identify the most efficient methods of application.

Contexts of intervention

  • Large end-to-end transformation projects
  • Improved operational excellence
  • Development of customer satisfaction
  • Security, control and risk management
  • Transformation of information systems

What sets us apart

  • Our perfect mastery of the multiple concepts underlying the process approaches and our pragmatic approach to applying the methodologies
  • Our programs designed to meet business process performance challenges and align performance with strategy
  • Our commitment as Benefactor and Active Member of the Process Pilots Club and as facilitator of the Community of Process Practice of the Swiss Association of Organization and Management

Quelques exemples de missions

  • Transformation through processes
    Transformation through processes
    Transformation through processes

    An international bank specialized in financing industry, commerce and real estate want to improve its operational performance.

    Its development plan includes reworking its organization, its tools and its strategic piloting:

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Risk control
    • Net banking income and cost-effectiveness

    The WillBe Group team has an in-depth knowledge of the banking sector. It offers its effective methods to optimize banking processes. This mastery relies on an in-depth knowledge of retail banking. It saves valuable time to redesign all the client and support processes and align them with the objectives.

    A target organization that redefines the role of actors and Front / Middle / Back Office interactions is proposed and successfully implemented.

  • Sustaining development
    Sustaining development
    Sustaining development

    The French subsidiary of an international insurance group must succeed its strategic and operational transformation, improve its performance and conform to the objectives set by its parent company. The challenge is daunting: commercial performance must be improved, customer satisfaction and productivity increased while controling costs and operational risks.

    This strategic shift is also a cultural shift. The piloting of the ambitious transformation program must be monitored rigorously: processes, IT, organization, activity piloting methods, change management.

    The WillBe Group team is used to intervening in multicultural contexts. It is asked to support the head office with:

    • Evaluating the expected gains and costs of the transformation project
    • Redesigning and describing all core and support processes
    • Making improvement recommendations based on the Lean Six Sigma method
    • Defining the project’s governance strategy in coherence with the assigned objectives
    • Securing the start of the project and its piloting, including what’s related to IT and change management.

    As a follow up, WillBe Group is asked to train the person who will be in charge of internal control, and help her design and implement a new risk control system to comply with Solvency 2. The system must also be consistent with the group’s existing European system. Additionally, this is an opportunity to make sure the group’s reporting and data quality are secured.

    WillBe Group implemented a pool of different skills and expertise with a program management office, to accompany internal teams that are geographically distributed across several European cities. The aim is to ensure the global coherence of the different projects, the transfer of knowledge and skills and the alignment with set objectives.

    OUTCOME: the ambition of the parent company, based in London, is to learn as much as possible from the transformation of the French subsidiary in terms of transformation methodologies and project management to replicate the approach successfully in each of its European entity.

  • Improving activity piloting
    Improving activity piloting
    Improving activity piloting

    The General Management of an international food group wants to have more visibility on the strengths and weaknesses of the management structure of each group entity. This is a prerequisite for the launch of a transformation plan to improve performance for the entire group.

    The WillBe Group team works quickly in France and Switzerland to establish a diagnosis. A transformation plan is proposed and validated by the General Management, with components on process performance, economic management, information systems and governance.

  • Aligning the architectural approaches of the company
    Aligning the architectural approaches of the company
    Aligning the architectural approaches of the company

    One of the global leaders in the industry streamlines its enterprise architecture approaches.

    It is about implementing a process of business description, the adequate processes and information system that will be most relevant and shared.

    The WillBe Group brings expertise in process modeling and enterprise architecture. Its work helps to design the common intranet portal for information processes and systems. It is also an opportunity to adapt the Group’s IT project management methodology to clarify the expected level of description of the target processes in the information systems design process.

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