Our group’s structure: a ‘core’ entity (WillBe) with specialised entities supporting and providing complementary expertise

Will Be

The management and strategy consulting entity supports large companies, innovative SMEs and digital players. WillBe is the cornerstone of our value proposition.

Thomas Management

Thomas Management is our entity dedicated to industrial SMEs and mid-sized companies. Thomas Management brings expertise and highly operational advice in industrial excellence, continuous improvement initiatives, lean management, supply chain optimization and industrial performance.

Mozart Consulting

In France, Mozart Consulting is a key player in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality of Life at Work. It provides expertise in human capital mobilisation strategies and employee engagement. Mozart Consulting is also the publisher of the social networking platform Allo Boulot Dodo (Social Advisor) and Web TV Travailler mieux pour Vivre mieux (Work Better, Live Better).

For more information, check the website: www.mozartconsulting.eu 

Alia Consulting

Alia Consulting is the ‘Information systems’ entity of our Group, it helps organizations integrate the SAP solution. Its sharp expertise in the energy and utilities sectors is particularly noteworthy.

For more information, check the website: www.alia-consulting.com


The entity dedicated to eco-activities, Dynergies, is a project developer and an independent producer of renewable energy.

As a key shareholder of Dynergies, WillBe Group aims to develop an investment strategy that benefits society at large.

For more information, check the website: www.dynergies.com

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