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HEC Executive Education

Natacha’s motto: “It’s not enough to pay lip service to vision, ambition and transformation. You have to build it and you need help building it! ”

Natacha started her career advising leaders and helping them manage transitions. First she won her spurs at the CRC – Groupe HEC as a consultant in change management. Then she piloted strategy and development missions as a Director at a Canadian consultancy, Secor Conseil. She joined WillBe Group in 2012.

She believes consultants must be pathfinders whose mission is to help leaders break new ground.


What sets her apart is her ability to work out simultaneous market differentiation: vision, strategy, organization, and the mobilization of human resources. Her clients appreciate the subtlety of her analyses, her outcome-oriented approach, her ability to mobilize teams and her cheerfulness!


She is extremely committed in the missions she carries out for the Group in corporate and HR strategy (strategic project qualification, various corporate projects, customer-centric value creation, mobilization of key players… ). She is also in charge of piloting the Group’s activities in Belgium.

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